Storage and fermentation tank.


Among the most recent Albrigi projects, Monotank was born from the idea of facilitating cleaning operations in the cellar, keeping the Albrigi advantages and quality intact.
In fact, by virtue of the lack of support legs, the surfaces that can be affected by dirt are further reduced. It is equipped with a single fixed rear support foot. This tank has never been used, just for exhibitions and fairs. Shiny black external finishing.

CODE: 001000004049

Diameter (mm): 1080
Total height (mm): 2700
Litres: 1200
Type of material: AISI 304 L
Availability: Bargain
Tank external finish: Coloured film
Tank internal finish: Mirror polished
External finish of the tank’s welding: Mirror Polished
Internal finish of the tank’s welding: Mirror polished
External finish of the welding accessories: Mirror polished
Top: Conical
Cover: Central
Bottom: Moulded
Type: Closed
  • storage
  • fermentation
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