The story of Stefano Albrigi and his company began long ago, ideally in 1954, when Stefano’s father, Luigi, started his own business.

It is in an environment in which the sense of entrepreneurship is strong that Stefano grows, combining the observation of daily work in a mechanical workshop, with a personal passion for wine cellars and wine. Passion that leads him, still in his youth, to spend much of his free time studying the work of winemakers and wine-makers, trying to steal from them those secrets that make Valpolicella one of the territories with the greatest wine-making vocation in the national sphere.

After having experienced some professional experiences in other companies, Stefano returns to his father’s company, bringing a wind of innovation. But his drive did not end here, and led him, in 1989, to set up on his own, putting to good use the knowledge acquired with the aim of realizing high quality systems.

A story that started from afar but was close to space: Albrigi Tecnologie was established alongside Albrigi Luigi, in Stallavena di Grezzana.

Stefano, focusing on innovation, quality and attention to detail, quickly guides Albrigi Tecnologie to become a brand known throughout the world; over time the company transforms, evolves. Not only in production processes, in organisation, in continuous training of its staff and in customer support. Alongside a very wide range of products for the wine industry, Albrigi manufactures increasingly more articulated and customised plants for sectors in which the quality of the product and the finishes represent essential elements. And this is how plants are created specifically dedicated to the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, oil, bio and nano technological and petrochemical industries.

Today Albrigi, with an operational structure of 18,000 square metres (of which 4,000 are covered), counts on 50 employees, divided between offices and production departments, and faces with the enthusiasm and determination that characterise its founder the challenges and opportunities that a open market on the world is able to offer.

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“A company is established and developed thanks to the teachings, experience and example given by those who preceded us and to those who, in particular, share its aims and purposes today.”

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