Process tank indispensable for cooling and storing liquids at programmed temperatures (cold, very cold or stable over time). Complete with total insulation system. 


To store and refrigerate different products according to the sectors. 


H. 500 mm fixed legs, n. 2 DN 50 valves, oval door, lifting hooks, inox identification label, digital thermometer with renforcement bracket, open gauge level, central manhole Ø 400 mm. 

CODE: 002000000013

Diameter (mm): 1270/1430
Total height (mm): 3000
Litres: 2000
Type of material: AISI 304 L
Availability: Bargain
Tank external finish: Floral
Tank internal finish: Mirror polished
External finish of the tank’s welding: Mirror Polished
Internal finish of the tank’s welding: Mirror polished
External finish of the welding accessories: Mirror polished
Top: Conical
Cover: Central
Door: Rectangular
Bottom: Conical
Feet: Fixed
Type: Closed
  • storage
  • refrigeration
  • fermentation
  • processing
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