Storage tank equipped with air conditioning cavity that keeps the contents at a stable temperature for the entire storage period. Conical bottom 10 °. Prompt delivery. 


Perfect for controlling and maintaining a well-defined temperature (hot or cold). 


Top in AISI 316, horizontal rectangular door, manhole H = 200 mm, interspace H = 750 mm, lifting hooks, thermometer, probe holder, sample collection, partial discharge, total drainage, headrest, open level indicator, 3 adjustable legs

Diameter (mm): 1750
Total height (mm): 3000
Litres: 5200
Type of material: AISI 304 L/AISI 316 L
Availability: Ready for Delivery
Tank external finish: Floral
Tank internal finish: Mirror polished
External finish of the tank’s welding: Mirror Polished
Internal finish of the tank’s welding: Mirror polished
External finish of the welding accessories: Mirror polished
Top: 10° Conical
Cover: Central
Door: Elliptical
Bottom: 10° Conical
Feet: Adjustable
Type: Closed
  • storage
  • refrigeration
  • heating
  • fermentation
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