Single-wall palletizable and stackable stainless steel tank designed for storing liquid products at pressure and room temperature.


PTo store and move liquid products with forklift or vehicles. Stackable, full, up to 5 pieces.


Ø 300 mm central manhole, stackable palletizable tank

CODE: 001000003199

Very robust stainless steel structure made up of interchangeable parts in case of damage.

Diameter (mm): 1080
Total height (mm): 1500
Litres: 830
Type of material: AISI 304 L
Availability: Used
Tank external finish: Floral
Tank internal finish: Mirror polished
External finish of the tank’s welding: Mirror Polished
Internal finish of the tank’s welding: Mirror polished
External finish of the welding accessories: Mirror polished
Top: Moulded
Cover: Central
Valves: Ø and model on request
Bottom: Moulded
Feet: on pallet
Type: Closed
  • storage
  • movement
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