Static cryomacer with variable capacity: it favors skin contact between the must and the pomace at low temperature. The flat-inclined 45 ° grid allows the drainage of the cold filtered and cooled must from the air-conditioning interspaces, which is constantly fished and reassembled over the pomace for the subsequent extraction of the organoleptic properties; and always with the same grid the discharge is favored at the end of the maceration. Still using the inclined plane grid it becomes a useful fermenter for carbonic maceration or for the fermentation of red grapes. By removing the drainage grid it becomes a normal tank for the fermentation of white musts, cold clarification, tartaric stabilization or simple storage. 


To drain the musts during reassembly as the inclined plane grid avoids to fish all the skins and the pips; for the cold maceration with easy manual extraction of the marc; for carbonic maceration with ease of manual unloading of whole grapes; for the fermentation of red grapes with peel with ease of manual discharge of exhausted marc; if equipped with a movable cover (floating) it becomes a variable capacity tank.

Il Criotank è ideale per le cantine che desiderano ottimizzare il contatto pellicolare tra mosto e vinaccia a bassa temperatura. La sua capacità di adattarsi a diverse fasi della vinificazione, il design efficiente per l'estrazione e lo scarico delle bucce, e il controllo preciso della temperatura lo rendono uno strumento indispensabile per la produzione di vini di alta qualità.

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  • storage
  • refrigeration
  • fermentation
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